The Blue Horse

And Other Amazing Animals From Indian History. So move over, chroniclers and historians. For centuries, we’ve been ignored, forgotten, occasionally footnoted (thanks a lot). It’s time we took centre stage.


So move over, chroniclers and historians. For centuries, we’ve been ignored, forgotten, occasionally footnoted (thanks a lot). It’s time we took centre stage.Strongest allies, faithful friends…we’ll even go so far as to say we were the soulmates of great kings and queens, princes and princesses, warriors and administrators. From saving their lives (while putting ours at risk) and leading them to victory in war to being a constant source of joy and love, we’ve done it all.Take a tour of Akbar’s dazzling court with his favourite cheetah, Samand Manik. Learn about the heroic battle of Haldighati – straight from Chetak’s mouth. Find out what Chhatrapati Shivaji was really like – from his dog, Waghya. Full of daring exploits, epic romances and heartwrenching moments, these underdog (oh calm down, Bucephalus, it’s just a term!) stories are unlike anything you’ve ever read before!

Reader Reviews

Vishy the Knight
Nandini Sen Gupta breaks new ground here, and presents eight historical short stories in this collection. The most fascinating thing about these short stories is that they are not pure fiction, but are based on facts, on actual happenings. Many of the actual events behind these stories are less well known – atleast for me – and so they make the reader see the past with new eyes.
Sohinee Dey
Poesy in Chrysalis
I loved the choice of words in this book. The language has that medieval feel to it and the writing is supported with thorough research. The writing style is descriptive. It’s smooth and allows generous amount of time for the characters to shine. Even when I am not a big fan of historical fiction, the realisation of the fact that I actually enjoyed reading this book surprised me.
Aparna Prabhu
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The characters were inspired from prominent historic figures from 373 AD. The author has depicted them in a different light. Even though there were many of them, but one could easily recall their names owing to the flawless characterisation...The treatment rendered to Chandragupta's character was perfect in every sense.
Sudesna Ghosh
Sure Ghosh
Nandini Sengupta's Conversation with Sudesna Ghosh about the release of her book The King Within, and snippets of her journey as an author of historical fiction.
Vishy the Knight
I don’t know how the author managed to pack in so much in a book of this size...Clearly the author has done her research very well. I loved Nandini Sengupta’s prose – it flowed smoothly with an elegant touch, page-turning during action scenes and slow and thoughtful in contemplative scenes.
Aloke Kumar
In Conversation with Nandini Sengupta
I loved the depiction of the life of that ancient era in the book. Reading this book made me want to read more about the history of that period. That, I think, is one of the great achievements of the novel – making the reader want to read more.

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