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Nandini Sengupta is a Pondicherry-based writer and journalist. After a chance trip to the Ajanta and Ellora caves in 2007, she began researching third and fourth-century India, initially out of mere curiosity and later out of interest, which quickly deepened into an obsession with India’s glorious past. An avid reader of the historical genre, she has been researching for The King Within for the past eight years. Already a published author with several non-fiction titles to her credit, this is her first work of fiction. Nandini is forty-nine and lives in Pondicherry’s quaint French quarter with her little daughter Kiki.

The Blue Horse

And Other Amazing Animals from Indian History

It’s not just humans who make history, you know

Take a tour of Akbar’s dazzling court with his favourite cheetah, Samand Manik. Learn about the heroic battle of Haldighati – straight from Chetak’s mouth. Find out what Chhatrapati Shivaji was really like – from his dog, Waghya. Full of daring exploits, epic romances and heartwrenching moments, these underdog (oh calm down, Bucephalus, it’s just a term!) stories are unlike anything you’ve ever read before!

Reader Reviews

Sarvan Das
Babies From The Heart
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This is an excellent book. This has been written in a lucid manner so that it can be reach out to the hearts directly. It gives you a confidence for all the prospective adoptive parents to move ahead to make it happen. The way Nandini has expressed various emotional aspects of prospective parents is truely commendable. This has been well research.
The King Within
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A story of India's first golden age , told through the intersecting lives of 4 friends , each different but bound togather by love and fate: A legendary emperor , the poet who defined ancient India , a simple warrior and a remarkable woman. Engaging and tautly written , one ends the book hoping for a sequel.
The King Within
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It was an excellent read. Beautifully written. Well edited. I'd love to read more from this author. Highly recommended.