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The Gem Among Poets

The story of Kalidasa -the gem among poets is the delightful tale of the literary legend Kalidas, a man so revered that his imprint is felt in Indian literature to this day. As a young cowherd in a remote village he was a simpleton who was constantly bullied and harassed. A twist of fate takes him to the kingdom palace in Kashi. After that he rediscovers himself and through single-minded focus and hard work, and some great good fortune he becomes sanskrit’s greatest writer and poet of all time. This transformation comes with its share of heartbreak, humiliation, laughter and tears.

‘Deftly recreates the world of the Gupta Empire … widely regarded as the golden period of classical India’ – Sanjeev Sanyal 461 CE. Skanda Gupta, the grandson of the great emperor Chandragupta Vikramaditya, is at the helm of the still-mighty Gupta Empire. Brave, noble and a living legend, the emperor is fighting hard to save his legacy from wave after wave of invasion, intrigue and insurrection. The borders are restive; the palace is swirling with conspiracies; and the Huns are back. Into this cauldron steps Rohini – an enigmatic half-Hun runaway. She is a riddle Skanda cannot crack. Might she be an assassin, or a spy? Or has she come to the court with an agenda all her own? As ambition crosses swords with affection, Skanda and Rohini must learn a painful lesson: as in war, so in love, victory always comes at a price. The second book in the Gupta Empire Trilogy, The Poisoned Heart is a saga of tragic love, treachery and hard-won battles in the inner reaches of a once-mighty empire.

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373 AD. In the thick forests of Malwa, an enigmatic stranger gallops into an ambush attack by bandits to rescue a young courtesan, Darshini. His name is Deva and he is the younger son of Emperor Samudragupta. That chance encounter, first with Deva and later with his two friends, the loyal general Saba Virasena and the great poet Kalidas, forges a bond that lasts a lifetime. From a dispossessed prince, Deva goes on to become one of the greatest monarchs in ancient India, Chandragupta Vikramaditya. But the search for glory comes with a blood price. As Chandragupta the emperor sets aside Deva the brother, lover and friend, to build a glorious destiny for himself, his companions go from being his biggest champions to his harshest critics. A sabre-rattling tale of love, revenge, friendship and ambition, The King Within is about the often-difficult choice between the power of passion and the passion for power.

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Do you want to adopt a baby but don’t know where to start? Worried about the costand the time it will take? Nandini too went through the same doubts, fear, and confusion before her daughter kiki came into her life nearly three years ago and turned her life upside down. And out ofher experiences was born babies from the heart, a comprehensive resource for couples who want to adopt a child in india. Written in her unique personal style, it takes you through: Each step in the adoption process, from choosing an agency to bringing a child home, getting the family on board, medical, emotional, and legal issues, the process of telling the baby she’s adopted, discipline issues with teenager adoptive kidswarm, reliable, and honest and with practical advice and tips from a cross – section of adoptive parents,babies from the heart tells you all you need to know to adopt a child.

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Beaten by a beard is a anthology of historical fiction stories. Although the stories are historical fiction, they are all stories that are based on facts, and on actual happenings.

It contains eight stories:

  1. Beaten by a beard
  2. Dahir’s Daughters
  3. The Pillar
  4. My Husband, The Saint
  5. Parthal
  6. Tears of Mahmud
  7. The Last Book
  8. Begadam, The Venom Veined

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